Building Thought Leadership

Business Decision is a small but smart B2B expert marketing service firm that delivers.


Our mission is to design enterprise business decision specialized in B2B sector. Please have a look at the following three questions a little.


Management Decision Making Models


In many cases, the right answers are all B.


The process of decision-making what is considered rational and objective, a significant portion of truth, in reality, emotional and subjective judgments are made.


Business Decision enthusiastically attempts to create emotional value and experience when we do marketing communications on top of rational facts and figures so as to get target brain deeply wrinkled. By getting wrinkled, just understanding changes into perception which remains.


This is the mission of marketing services Business Decision delivers and we out of the box leverage these target human attitudes even if they are top executives.


Business Decision delivers following core marketing services critical to building thought leader position in the B2B competitive landscape where technology really matters in an open network fashion.


- Innovative concept creation for new business, product, and service

- Consultation for building strategic positioning

- Planning and operation of research on segmented market/sector, audience, and products 

- Development of marketing strategy to optimize/maximize proposition

- Develop and support lead generation programs

* See our solution case - Active Enterprise Targeting on your web site

- Communication guideline development and seminar/sharing program

- Branded presentation scenario making and coaching

- Creation of VI, brand visual and movie

- Planning and implementation of PR and media advertising online and offline

- Web marketing including social medis strategy development

- Development and management of loyal customer program 


Business Decision customizes services, either single or integrated, best suited for our client specific needs.


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